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Russia – Music Streaming

Looks like or Music has made its way to Russia and is now streaming live. Lots of fun to see this activity. Its a new world when you can see digital maps of where you music has been played. 

Here are the links

You can of course just play the music from: 






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ReverbNation – Music – Photography

Posting another song . There are really no words yet its still in the works. Its a step away from my Acoustic work and back to the roots of where I strted with Rock and Roll. Enjoy.


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Port Washington Long Island NY

Some Pictures From Port Washington Long Island NY

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Cell Phone Recording – Another Day – Live

This is a post about the use of a Cell Phone and the quality of the audio and video files for recording your music. I can’t always remember what cords I play when writing a new song so the use of a cell phone to record yourself is a great way to remember what you played.. This is an example or rehearsal of a new song called “Another Day”

This song is played in an Open String tuning with a Capo. If you have been following me you know I try to stay away from “Bar Cords”.


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Youtube , Photography and Music

#Blogger #Blogging I am enjoying a little bit of blogging because I am blogging about music. I am writing more about the Technology not just my music. Here is the latest post.
Interesting stats on views and engagment.

Dear Readers, 

A great way to have fun with your photography is to put it to your
music. Now granted you won’t be paid a lot if at all for people who play your video. Only the
steaming music sites like Spotify will pay for play. YouTube does have a way to
be paid for video streaming but we can get into that in a later post. 

This is one of my songs called
Carpe Diem which I placed my Photography to the Video.


You can however place you link back to a pay site in Spotify or other web sites that pay for the streaming video. 
When you are setting up your YouTube video you can also set up embeded external links to subscribe and or links to other areas of your video or music,. All Great tools to sell , engage and or cross promote products. 
I hope that this was helpful.
Dont forget you can find me at where there are many links to my music and my company.

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12/15/17 CDBaby

CDBaby is a great tool to distribute your music. The process is easy  if you are an original artist.. After each song has been approved they will send you a link to a web page for your music then distribute to all the streaming media sites. This is my latest.

I have dropped the sale price to .26 cents as that is the lowest CDBaby will allow youto sell your music. 

My music is mostly home recordings and done for the great
fun and satisfaction of simply making music. I play in an open string tuning where the guitar strings are not tuned in a normal classical tuning. Often I will retune the guitar until I find a blend of open string tuning that sounds different and melodic. Then the song writing process begins. My goal is to not to rely on playing bar cords and to ensure each string is played separately and can be heard individually. I rely on simple drumbeats. Please visit my Chuck Idol web site to learn more.


This song is played on some really old school technology running a high grade PC based internal sound card with Windows ME on Guitar Tracks Pro V2 and an Alesis Drum Machine. All Guitar parts are cut across 4 tracks then mixed down in Guitar Tracks Pro V4. 

Here is another one of my favorates called “A Girl Like You” 


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Two Guitars

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Free Music download – some new material. I play for fun on old euipment that can still

get some interesting sounds.


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Billy Joel 

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